That Thing Most Precious1 min read

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On a night most filled with doubt and confusion, fear and longing
I prayed to the lord
I prayed while I lay awake in bed
A bed not mine, but of the place that takes me away from you
Eyes closed, I prayed
While I prayed I envisioned a lighted portal above me, the mild fog and mist issuing from it was pierced by the wisdom of the Lord

I begged answer to my question
“Lord, there is something so precious that I wish to keep. Something so near and dear to my heart. I must know, If I am to keep this thing most precious, can I stay here where I am so far apart from it or must I go to it.”

The next morning a person came forth and said
“I have a message for you. The Lord came to me last night while I stood watch most vigilant; He said ‘I have a message for him: Tell him he must got to this thing so precious;'”
I blinked and then he was gone
So, I think to myself ‘could this message be coincidence or has the Lord answered my query’

And so I sit here now writing of the possibility, unknowing if the Lord has truly sent his word
I sit here writing with out you, This Thing Most Precious

James O’Neill, Summer 1992

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