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I saw “Iron Man and, wow, it was really, really good. Robert Downey Jr. was excellent in his role as Tony Stark. I was hesitant when I heard he was playing the part, but, wow, it was excellent. The acting was great. The effects are great.

If you like these sorts of movies, go see it. It was probably as good as ‘Batman Begins’.

The week that Tanya left I emailed a bunch of Madison area Yoga Studios to see if any were interested in a partnership or buyout. As expected most said that they were not interested,
but we currently have one that I am thinking may work out wonderfully. We will see. They are desiring to be careful with proceeding and so do I, order
so things are looking good. We are hopeful.

We bought as a part of our long-term business plans. We hired,
a domain broker, to act on our behalf to purchase the domain. They were very profession and helpful. I have its email accounts setup and will be looking to move the domain to a new host, most likely

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