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So, here we are the third month of pregnancy. We had our second doctors appointment today, and again we heard our babies heart beat ~160bpm which was 10 less than a month ago- normal. So, far this trip has been not too eventful. Her tummy is starting to show which is kind of cute and amazing.

She has been tired a lot and she has felt queasy almost all of the time, but not too bad though. This whole last week she has been sick with a viral cold. Tanya has been really congested and coughing a lot. This morning (04:00) was capped with a 100.x degree temp, so we had her take Tylenol to take down the temp. In the morning she felt better and the doc gave her amoxicillian for a sinus infection. Other than this sickness she has been doing well.

I have tried to be as accommodating as possible. =O I have not had anything out of the ordinary requested of me. No 03:00 (3:00am) runs to the store for jalapenos, cottage cheese, or pickles, so I have had it pretty easy. She may have been a little more emotional than normal, but I am not sure though. EDIT: I spoke too soon.

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