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It really saddens me to have to write this post and to think that I may have to update this as the election season continues. As an addition to my previous post titled ‘Why I am NOT voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016‘ and the ‘Electoral Corruption and Collusion‘ section of that post for this season I am adding this post to keep up with everything that Hillary and the Democratic Party are doing to try to ensure that Hillary wins, and to subvert the electoral process and the will of the American people.

As a Progressive having voted for Obama for the last 2 elections and having joined the Green Party after the last presidential election I have had the false notion that Democrats were above the Republican ideals of democracy, which includes cheating and voter suppression. This caucus for the Democratic candidate is rigged to try to ensure that Hillary is crowned queen, and the Democratic Party is not even trying to stay neutral to ensure that the will of the voters are heard. I am deeply saddened with what is happening because  I expect better from liberals.

Iowa Caucus

This is the first time I have cared about or even watched a caucus. I stayed up until 11::30pm refreshing the results on my screen watching as the difference between Hillary and Bernie flutter between 0.2 and 0.3%. It was stressful and nail-biting. I finally went to bed when I could not stay up any longer, and when I awoke tired and anxiety ridden in the morning, I was greeted with posts about electoral fraud and collusion. Here are the things that have gone wrong with the Iowa Caucuses:

  • not enough Democratic Party staffers were available to correctly count and manage caucuses
  • some caucus precinct staffers were paid Clinton staffers
  • some precincts were awarded to Clinton by statistically improbable coin tosses (winning all 6)
  • not actually counting votes and making numbers up
  • violating caucus procedures
  • Clinton’s premature declaration of a win even when margins are razor thin and all votes have not been counted
It is easier to commit voter fraud if precincts are not properly staffed. It is also easier to sway the results and the process to one candidate or the other if paid staffers from one candidate are apart of the precinct staff. With all of this happening this makes a good case for getting rid of the caucus process and just having a primary election.  It is sad to think that the United States may need election monitors to ensure a fair and honest election especially among democrats. How far have we fallen? Unfortunately, this may be the only way that Hillary can win. Without the corruption and fraud, I think Bernie would have won by 0.5- 0.75%.
Here are some links that cover these iniquities:

General Fraud

Coin Tossing

End of Night


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