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To put review this in a little perspective, I saw Rambo IV (review) last night and I am still caught up in my darker thoughts because of that. I had also heard a lot of great words from people that have seen ‘I am Legend’ and I have high expectations of it.

Last night I was discussing with my parents the wonders of genetics/cloning and the disabilities and diseases that can be healed with technological advances stemming from these researches. It will be awe inspiring the knowledge and cures that this will eventually unlock. I seriously worry about the evils that can become if we are not careful and in our hubris allow evil to be wrought when we play with things that we do not yet fully understand.

This movie is about what happens when a genetically modified virus that is meant o cure cancer goes bad and converts those subjected to it into, well, zombies of sorts (in a similar vein as the ‘Resident Evil’ movies). Will Smith is excellent, as always, and the scenes are tense and gripping. I was not moved as much as I was expecting to be by this movie. Perhaps I was inured to such emotional swings from my Rambo IV experience last night. I like it and I was glad to finally have been able to see it. Another guy movie down. =)

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