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Rambo IV is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart with it’s ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ level of gore and blood bringing to the forefront the horrors and atrocities committed in the senseless and inhumane ethnic cleansing in Burma.

Perhaps after this movie you will question whether humanitarian efforts there are even worth it if all that are being helped will end up senselessly butchered anyhow. Perhaps your will think the humanitarian efforts are futile and will not change anything if we do not work to change those that are in charge and who are promoting the death – without that we may just delaying the inevitable.

How far are you willing to go for what you believe in before you become that very monster to which you fighting against. Accepting and embrace who you are or that denial shall torment you until you come to grips with it.

A good and violent movie with a message. Stallone was brooding and great. Just what the doctor ordered and was great compensation for all of the chick flicks I have recently seen. Do not take bring anyone to this unless they liked and could appreciate the gore in Saving Private Ryan.

“Live for nothing, die for something”

John Rambo

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