New Pages: New Constitution for Asgardia 2.0 – Part I1 min read

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I am releasing to the general public something I have been working on since December, which is a complete rewrite of the Asgardian Constitution. This work in many ways aggregates and distills over a decade of political and other thought to how we can create a government to change the world.

This is the first part prior to the actual description of how the government works, which is going to be a lot of work, especially since I have not really researched that topic so much.

I have also put together a document to help you understand some of the choices I have made as well as my thought process. This document is not as detailed as I would have liked, because I put it together at the end of this area of work, however, I expect as people come forward to take a look I will be able to answer their questions there for all to see.

In case you are even more bored after having finished that, here are the rest of my Asgardian writings,

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