How to Rebuild the Democratic Party How to Rebuild the Democratic Party

How To Rebuild The Democratic Party (TYT)1 min read

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This is a follow-up to my previous post titled ‘Democratic Party Establishment: You can in no way be surprised at the outcome‘. Cenk from The Young Turks taking the words right out of my mouth. He is dropping the gods honest truth about how to recover from this devastating loss. Either this happens or we will have 8 horrific years of a Trump presidency.  Watch the video. It is well worth the time.

How To Rebuild The Democratic Party (The Young Turks, 9 Nov 2016)

Cenk’s list is a follows:

  1. Fire everyone at the DNC
  2. Hire Bernie Sanders as the head of the DNC
  3. Presidential candidates will not take big money
  4. Fight to get big money out of politics
  5. Represent the people instead of the donors

Please also take a look at my two posts that talk about the why behind why it will possibly never happen:

In the mean time, we must hold the DNC responsible and they must know everyday that they fucked up big time and things need to change or humanity is doomed.

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