Democratic Party Establishment: You can in no way be surprised at the outcome.6 min read

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This post has risen out from my quick Facebook post following the Tue, Nov 8, 2016 election where the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, won:

We all know how this happened. The Democratic Party chose to subvert the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to force Hillary upon us. They stole the election from the man who would have destroyed Drumpf. We told them what was going to happen if they did this. Their hubris and corruption has doomed us. The American people rejected her twice. I suppose the third time is the charm where the Democratic Establishment might understand that we the people are tired of the corruption, lies, and cronyism.

Below I will expound upon these sentiments:

Letter to the Democratic Party Establishment

Dear Democratic Party Establishment,

Don’t even try to act surprised. We all knew how this was going to go down. We have told you from the start what was going to happen. We knew. We told you. Hillary’s sinking polls numbers and her shamefully low favorability ratings told you too if you cared to look. Not only did you not listen to us but you actively tried to suppress us. You had your plans set to crown her over a year ago even before the election had even really begun, but sadly, listening to We the people was not a part of your plan.

During the primary election you had your chance to do the right thing – to allow the votes to be counted where they lay and to let the American people’s voices be heard, but you chose electoral fraud, money laundering, collusion, and voter suppression to force a horrific candidate upon us. You stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the man who would have completely destroyed Trump, and ushered in a new era for our country and for the world. Even with all of those ill-wrought electoral works you still could NOT get Hillary over the finish line. This should show you how much the people of this country do not like her, do not trust her, do not want her, especially since this is the third time we have said ‘NO’ to her. This third and, hopefully, final ‘NO’ could not be more resounding nor powerful a message to let you know that she and your corruption is something that we are done with.

We petitioned you. We wrote to you. We recorded and protested the fraud and collusion to lay it bare for all to see, but still you went ahead and forced her upon us. Now guess what grotesque horror has sprouted from the seed that your greed and hubris has planted? Trump has won and will a take office starting in January 2017 with a Republican controlled Congress. Your collusion and lies has disenfranchised many from voting for Hillary or even voting at all. An era of darkness the likes of which our country has never seen will begin and YOU made this happen because you did not listen to We the people.

Perhaps now, with your eyes wide open in shock, you will see that corruption, collusion, money laundering, suppression, cronyism, pay-for-play and corporate ownership of our government is what we have rejected and we have rejected Hillary as a prime example of that necrotic disease. After the biting sting of this bitter loss you may realize that a new path is needed, because a new progressive and people-powered path is the only way forward, the only way to start winning again. You will keep losing until you clean house and start to bring in the Bernicrats, other progressives, and those who really want to bring change into the party and its leadership. We have stated quite soundly and riotously that we want change, not just different face with the same corporate owners, but elected representatives who work for us and not the 1%.

You have two years until our next election. We will see then what you have learned and we will see how much damage Trump and the Republican lead Congress can do through these nex two years and I am sure that everyone will suffer from it. Sadly, I believe that from the ashes of your betrayal of us you will have learned nothing, because there is no money in doing the right thing, no money in changing your ways to actually represent the people that elected you. For surely that is not what your rich elite and corporate donors pay you to do, but I will ask you to consider this thought. There is also no money or power for you if you do not get reelected either. All of the Bernie supported candidates won their seats while many establishment Democrats lost their seats due to the tides of revolt that your corruptions have wrought. You will not have our vote until we see real change. I will gladly vote my conscience. I will gladly vote Green until then if I am able. Please also realize that I am not alone and this election should have made that crystal clear.


James O’Neill

My Posts for this Electoral Cycle

Below are my posts from this electoral cycle so you can see I was one of the many, many people trying to do my part to inform the world that this was going to happen if the Democratic Party screwed over the American people:

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