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What have I done to help Bernie?3 min read

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Together - Bernie Sanders
Together – Bernie Sanders

Here is a summary of the things I have done to try to help us all through Bernie Sanders and the movement he has inspired and awoken:

Party Registration

First, This I am not sure about. I do not think I have officially registered for the Democratic Party, although I may be on their roles. I have just contacted my local party leader to be sure, although I have been a member of the Green Party for a few years now.


Second, First, I have written quite a few blog posts throughout this electoral cycle:

Contact the Democratic Party

Third, I have contacted the Democratic Party through their contact form and have sent them the text of my Letter to the Superdelegates and the text of my Why I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton 2016 post.

Unsubscribe from the Democratic Party

Fourth, I have also, with the publish of my Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren, unsubscribed from any Democratic newsletters and politicians. I did not have any donations going there, but I made sure that I did not.

Contacting our Super Delegates

Fifth, I have used the Lobby Delegates’ Engage Delegates page and sent a link to my Letter to the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party to all of the superdelegates.

Sixth, I have downloaded the spreadsheet from Lobby Superdelegates which has much of their contact information and then I:

  • sent a mass email (~400) to all who had email addresses listed. The text of the letter was my Superdelegate Letter. About 100 bounced in one form or another. I have even engaged in some back-and-forth with one Clinton superdelegate.
  • tweeted a link of my Letter to the Superdelegate to each person that had a twitter account listed, which is a lot of tweets
  • started to post to each Facebook account that allowed me to until I was blocked (~14)

In all of this, I am hoping to get at least two solid points of contact with as many superdelegates as I can. I will continue with this trying to get as many as I can.

Preparing to Attend the Protests for the Democratic National Convention

Seventh, I got the OK from the wife to attend the protests at the convention, so I am working making those arrangements. Babysitting first, then everything else…

Well, I found out that tickets from Madison to Philly are about $800-$900 which is too much. I was expecting them to be about half as much. I would have spent almost my entire budget on just the plane tickets and nothing left for hotel or food, etc. Me sad panda. I was really excited about being able to be there and to be able to tell my daughter when she gets older that I was there, that I was a part of history.

What Have You Done?

I have done all of this for Bernie and for us.

What have you done?

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