Bernie Sanders – The Endorsement with a radiation suit

Possible inside info as to why Bernie endorsed Hillary. =(4 min read

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Bernie Sanders - The Endorsement with a radiation suit
Bernie Sanders – The Endorsement with a radiation suit

This is quote from Amy Hunter on Facebook about some inside information as to why Bernie endorsed Hillary. It is not substantiated yet, but it makes a lot of sense. Give it a read.

I’m relaying this not to smash anyone’s hope, just to give information so you can make your own informed decision. I belong to a group of “realists” about the election. I know we need to maintain hope that Bernie can be the nominee — I still have a glimmer but I want to keep my feet on the ground. I just thought Id share… take the information as you want. Seems realistic to me.

“I’m posting this only as an *FYI* : I have it from a rather reliable source that the REASON why Bernie formally endorsed Hillary two weeks prior to the convention …. was because Senator Chuck Schumer had a private visit with Bernie about the matter. Schumer is very friendly with both Clinton -and- Bernie …. so the DNC sent Schumer to tell Bernie that if he did not at LEAST endorse her prior to the convention …. that the Democrats would remove him from the seven congressional committees of which he is currently a member. The Democrats had allowed [the former Independent Senator] Bernie Sanders to sit on those committees (instead of choosing a card-carrying Democrat to do so) because he DOES “caucus” WITH the Democrats in the Senate …. and for all practical purposes ACTS as a Democrat. BUT because Bernie is a very “frugal” type …. he didn’t want to officially BE a Democrat because the DNC requires their Party’s legislators to raise a LOT OF MONEY for them …. and Bernie didn’t want to be saddled with that extra responsibility. By comparison with Hillary Clinton …. she has raised $32 million for the DNC during 2015. BERNIE raised $1,000 for the DNC during 2015. So *there* you have it. And SO …. the DNC has come to view Bernie as a pariah and as an albatross around it’s neck ….. who has COST them a LOT of money because he challenged Hillary in the Primary …. and as a result of HIS candidacy — the DNC and the Clinton campaign had to spend a lot of money to ensure that SHE became the Party’s nominee had Bernie not run. They DESPISE him for that …. and HE is now bending over backwards to their desires that he not only endorse her — BUT that he will ALSO stump for her in her general election campaign leading up to November 8. THAT is the backstory to his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. There is NO covert master “PLAN”. It is what it IS. He was warned (thru Chuck Schumer) to either endorse her …. or else he was going to henceforth be excluded from serving on any congressional committees. And in Washington DC …. serving on congressional committees is considered a HUGE PRIVILEGE and an HONOR. It has the effect there of making a legislator a little extra “special” and influential. And it is SACRED to BERNIE. The Democrats KNOW that this is Bernie’s Achilles heel …. and they simply used it to their own advantage. And they have evidently SUCCEEDED. End of story.

The SURPLUS of donations he has raised during his campaign …. will be donated to the DNC *after* the convention. So just WAIT until THAT happens! IF y’all think that the remainder of his supporters will “lose their minds” over his formal endorsement of Clinton at her coronation in Philly …. just WAIT until they hear where THEIR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS ENDED UP GOING TO!

The word originally put out there was that Chuck Schumer had merely paid a little “truce” visit to Bernie to “mend fences” between the two camps because Schumer is a mutual friend of them both. But the actual *purpose* for Schumer’s visit with Bernie wasn’t as innocent as merely trying to “make nice” between Clinton and Bernie. It was a politically DIRTY maneuver.

Otherwise known as blackmail.

PS – My source on the details of this backstory …. is a guy who knows an “insider” in Washington DC — someone who is a well-connected journalist. The journalist had also told this guy that Trump’s choice for his VP was Mike Pence. And THAT “inside” information was shared TWO WEEKS BEFORE the formal announcement of Trump’s running mate was made. Therefore …. I now trust the accuracy of the backstory of Bernie’s endorsement of Clinton.”

Edit: Bernie Sanders threatened with loss of Senate committee position if he didn’t endorse Hillary

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