Bernie or Jill - The Nightmare Before #DemExit Bernie or Jill – The Nightmare Before #DemExit

How to Help Bernie now?3 min read

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Bernie or Jill - The Nightmare Before #DemExit
Bernie or Jill – The Nightmare Before #DemExit

OK, Bernie peeps, if we are going to win this there is a lot to do. Here is a list of the things that you can do to help get Bernie into the White House:

  1. Unregister for the Democratic Party (#DemExit)
    • If you are registered as a democrat then unregister (unless you still have a primary left, which should be almost no one). They need to know that the ship is sinking with Hillary and we will not vote for her. You do not need to be registered to vote for any party in the general election #DemExit 
    • Here is a great post on Facebook on why this is important
  2. Inform the Democratic Party of Your Views
  3. Disengage and Unsubscribe from Democratic Party Media and Donations
    •  unsubscribe from mailing lists for Democratic Party and from those politicians that support Hillary
    • When you receive emails from the Democratic Party or politicians that support Hillary let them know that you are in no way going to vote for Hillary and are Bernie or Bust
      • see links to my blog posts below
    • If you have not already done so cancel your donations to the Democratic Party or to anyone who has supported Hillary
  4. Support the Green Party
    • hit all of the polls that have Hillary in them and vote Bernie (not a combined Hillary and Bernie image) or Jill, or other (not Tump). If we can get her to 15% in the national polls then she may be able to participate in the Presidential Debates which would be epic.
    • follow them on social media
    • send a donation to Jill Stein
    • if you are feeling really spunky, register as a Green too. I have been a Green for a few years now.
  5. Contact the Superdelegates
    • contact the superdelegates to let them know you are not voting for Hillary and why you are Bernie or Bust
  6. Support the Movement
    • send money to support Bernie’s superdelegates
      • (?need a link for that?)
    • send money and support for Bernicrats who are running for office
    • consider running for office for this is how the revolution will really happen – from the bottom up
      • you can do so through your local or state Green Party
      • our the new which was just released by the Sanders Institute
    • attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to ensure that your voice is heard
With Hillary’s poll numbers going down and starting to trail key swing-states the corrupt Democratic Party needs to know that their ship, which is full of holes, really is sinking and we are not going to help bail them out when we are sitting in a perfectly good boat, the USS Bernie Sanders, already.
here are my blog posts on these topics:
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