Quote from my post titled 'An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders' Quote from my post titled ‘An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders’

Open Letter to Bernie Sanders11 min read

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Quote from my post titled 'An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders'
Quote from my post titled ‘An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders’


Dear Bernie Sanders,

I know you feel battered and bruised with the mainstream media ignoring you and warring against you while giving plenty of free and biased coverage to Trump and Clinton. I know that it is frustrating and that it seems hopeless when the Democratic Party is willing to subvert the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion all to force their corporate candidate, Hillary Clinton, upon on us. I know you feel sorrow when those who you thought were your allies stood back and watched you as you were constantly attacked while taking the road less well traveled, when they also used to accompany you there, and then betrayed you and their supposed progressive values.

After President Obama and Senator Warren both endorsed Hillary I could see the wear, the tiredness, and the look of defeat in your face. I was so deeply outraged at Senator Warren’s betrayal that I wrote an Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren to express my disappointment and sadness and to help express this sentiment for many of our progressive brothers and sisters of the revolution.


We see everything you have had to endure while standing up for us and for real change. Have no fear and realize that you are not alone, because while you walk that lonely and dusty road we are there in the trees, on the curb, and by the side of the road cheering you on. Do not lose hope. Do not give up. Do not waiver.  We need you. The world needs you, because you speak the truth and because you don’t just talk the talk like Clinton and most other politicians, but because you also walk the walk which is the first time I have seen this in my lifetime.  You have the strength and bravery to be that lone voice gruffly barking out in the dark of night against all of the stupid things that this country has tried to do over the last 30 years. You alone have had the courage, principles, and foresight to speak the truth, to speak for us, to speak for the world. History shows that you were right and that Hillary and everyone else were horribly wrong.

You have proven for the first time in history that corporate money is not needed to fund elections and that a person of principle and foresight can run for president and the people would flock to them. You have proven that the people want real change. We need you to be strong. We need you to be angry and fiery. Mess up your hair, get a balloon, or whatever it is that you need to do because you are the rallying call our country needs to fix our broken electoral system, health care system, foreign policy and everything else that the corporations have broken for their benefit, causing the American people and the people around the world to pay for it with the blood and tears of the innocent. We need your roar to echo through the halls of Congress to cower the establishment to let them know that we will not stand for it and the end of their corruption is nigh.

Endorsing Clinton

I know that I do not need to tell you that Hillary Clinton is a poor candidate with a deplorable record ranging from voting for the Iraq War, supporting the Defense of Marriage Act, betraying the Children’s Defense Fund who she worked for by voting for the Welfare Reform Bill, to the selling of fracking and the TPP throughout the world. She is not liberal or progressive at all. She just tries to play one on TV to appeal to the yearning progressive masses to win their votes. I have written a massive article titled I will NOT be voting for Hillary 2016 that goes over many of her horrible decisions and her orchestrated and inauthentic flip-flopping to pander for votes. The sad thing is I could have updated my post weekly with all of the things that are wrong with her as a candidate.


Unfortunately, I have run into too many Clinton supporters who do not care about how horrible she is as a candidate and only care about and concentrate on the very small amount of good they can find. They blindly back her not caring about her many disastrous decisions and votes, or not knowing or caring about the issues and how these have destroyed the lives of the innocent. They do not realize that judgment matters. That her judgment has been so wrong that with almost everything she has done she has had to flip-flop and apologize for to finally be on the right side. In desperation, they try to rationalize voting for a horrendous candidate by resorting to the harms of gender identity politics . =(

I expect that when the Democratic Party shows that it does not care about winning the election or the future of this country by anointing Hillary that you will also endorse her, because you are a man of principle and you essentially said you would. Your latest words from Vermont sadly seem to point this way too. I will ask you to not do this, please. You know that if the Democratic Convention chooses her that you will get nothing from her or the party – no real concessions or real change, because then you will have no leverage or power to make demands. You will just get their coforting words and platitudes to keep you silent and to ensure that you do not run as a third party. You know that she and the Democratic Party cannot be trusted for they are owned by their corporate masters and you are an affront to their very existence and power.

In the end, I hope that when you see this all play out before you that you will not give in and endorse her. Do not ask us to vote for her for she has definitely not earned it. Do not ask us to vote for our fears and not our values as we demand, as you have given us the courage to do.  Do not ask us to vote for the lesser of two evils when we can and will vote for only you, the greater good. Your principles and this independent grassroots and progressive movement will die if you endorse Hillary or ask us to vote for her. This will be your and our ultimate defeat and their ultimate victory – the defeat of a truly grassroots movement and a truly progressive candidate,  a candidate and movement of and for the people which rejects the corruption that poisons our country.

New Progressive Party

It is laughable that Hillary and the Democratic Party say that they want to “unite the party” when they have done every corrupt thing that they can think of to subvert the will of the people to ensure that Hillary wins because she could not win in an honest election. They show that they really do not care about democracy and do understand our movement or what appeals to us. I know they want us to just fall in line and support Hillary like good ill-informed sheeple, but that is not who we are or why we rally behind you, Bernie. Ignorantly they believe that we are willing to settle for no change, for a government controlled by their corporate masters. I would rather vote for what I want and lose it than vote for what I do not want and get it. We are the Revolution and we will not fall in line and support any form of evil, whether the lesser or the greater!!

With the sad trend of politics in this country moving year after year farther and farther to the right we have the far right represented in current Republican Party which is infected by the Tea Party, the center is represented by current corporatist Democratic Party, and now we need a truly left leaning progressive party. We need you to work with whoever to create a third party that will speak for and represent progressives whether it is the Green Party, the newly forming United Progressive Party, or whoever. We need this. You need this. The world needs this! Please do not allow your principles to stop you from truly igniting and supporting a movement that can unite the progressives and carry your dream, our dream, forward with you. Our voice needs to be heard. Our voice needs to be represented because it is not at all represented in Congress or as a viable political party today. We do not have a real chance to be heard or to demand change. The world needs a third progressive party in the United States as a part of your extensive legacy.

Please do not let the movement that you have captured and inspired to lose hope or die by endorsing Hillary for we independents and progressives are Bernie or Bust and will never vote for her. To endorse her, in the end, is to not only endorse and accept the fraud, voter suppression, collusion, and money laundering that the Democratic Party has perpetrated without punishment, but it will also be a vote for Trump, for you are the only candidate who can beat him or any pathetic excuse for a Republic candidate that is put forth.

In Closing

You are OUR voice. You are OUR leader. You are the voice of the Progressive Revolution! Hillary is the voice for the corrupt centrist Democratic Party who desires naught but to do the bidding of their warmongering corporate masters. There is a reason that we are Bernie or Bust and that is because no one else represents us and inspires us like you do. Your campaign and candidacy is the clarion call to real and honest change, to principled leadership. You are the sole voice of the unheard progressive masses who have longed for a candidate to speak to our hearts. Many of us thought Obama was that candidate with all of that talk of hope and change, but we were wrong.  Obama did inspire us, but you have done so much more. You have awakened us from a despondent torpor that we did not even know we were in and have lit a fire in our hearts and souls like no other has done before.

Stay strong, Bernie, because we need you, America needs you, the world needs you. Walk proudly forward through the rest of the electoral process and into the convention for you are the only real hope to beat the Republicans and bring real change.  They are terrified of you and the movement that has formed around you. They are terrified of the power that you now possess. You are who the people have truly chosen and the Democratic Party is going to lie, scream, and lash out so that they can keep things the same for their corporate masters and so they can keep their power and money.  You are the only candidate the truly cares for and represents not only the people of America, but also for the people of the world. We will accept no one else – only Bernie Sanders. We, the people of the Revolution, are proudly Bernie or Bust!!

With great love and respect,

Bernie or Bust,

James O’Neill

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

  1. For those who say Bernie is selling out…

    You weren’t listening.

    He has always said 1. Hillary would be a much better president than Trump, even given his strong objections to what she represents; and 2. that Trump must be stopped.

    Bernie-or-busters invented “Bernie or Bust!” Bernie didn’t.

    Bernie isn’t a buster, never was and never endorsed it. He won’t support it in the general.

    I respect all Bernie is doing still, including staying in the race for his super important role in moving Democratic party politics; fighting the corruption of big money, his very reason for running; and likewise for supporting Hillary Clinton at this juncture, if she’s the nominee. Bernie’s secret sauce is his constancy. He’s not one to blow in the wind.

    So. The lessons of history. What is Ralph Nader’s legacy?

    Fair or not, Nader is described as the twatwaffle who marginalized the Green Party, emboldened the political party establishment, ended his career and launched George W. Bush through the world’s chest cavity. That indelible narrative is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the goals of the foolhardy Nader protest vote.

    So let’s open the dustbin of history and look inside. What WAS Nader known for prior to being the twatwaffle?

    The most important consumer advocate of the twentieth century. Every car you touch has Nader’s fingerprints — just for starters. (Pun.) How many Millennials know that?

    Bernie is far too serious to throw away his one priceless vote — and his political influence — to a privileged, pointless, suicidal tantrum. Bernie and his movement will be intact and relevant, hopefully, for a long time. Thank you, Bernie.

    I feel the Bern. I don’t feel the bust. (Neither does Bernie.)

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