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My New Class: Transforming the World: Conversations on Social, Economic, Political, and Sustainable Policy2 min read

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As I have stated on my new Patreon project I am planning on creating a class in our Yoga studio for conversations on political topics. Here is its description:

Transforming the World: Conversations on Social, Economic, Political, and Sustainable Policy


These FREE conversations will be facilitated by James O’Neill and will focus on social, political, economic, and sexual issues that we have as a globalized society and how to transform our poverty-stricken, violent, and war-torn lands into a peaceful, sustainable, and eco-humanistic globalized existence.

Each meeting will focus on 1 issue where he will present and then there will be a discussion from there. Topics will focus on issues from his blog:

Here is the Facebook page for these conversations:

.. and here is the Facebook group for more discussions:

Support James’s Works

If you wish to support these classes or his works in general then here are a few ways you can do that:

Share: If you find his blog or posts interesting or useful to others then please share them so we can spread the word.

Donations: If you wish to support him and his works you may also support him through his Patreon project:

Donations are accepted at door too, if you like.

About James’s O’Neill

James has spent over a decade researching why our world is soooo messed up and how to fix it. He has studied such topics as:

  • America: the Constitution, Revolutionary War history, our Founding Fathers
  • Religion: Christian theology, Christian history, religious history, Pagan theology, religious history, divine feminine theology, philosophy, mystery cults
  • Sexuality: sexuality, monogamy, polygamy, homosexuality, prostitution, polyamory
  • Sciences: evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, linguistics
  • Technology: advancing technology, sustainable technology, alternative energy
  • Politics: constitutional law Second Amendment issues, poverty, minimum wage, electoral reform, problems with the 2 party system, money in politics

… and so much more. You can see this in many of his blog posts.

You can check the About Me page of his blog to learn about all you could want to know about him.

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James O'Neill

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