Debunking the Meme on Federal Spending, Debt, and Debt Ceiling

Debunking the Conservative Meme on Federal Spending, Debt, and Debt Ceiling

Introduction A conservative family member quite a while ago (Oct 2021) posted the below meme and I need to explain why this meme is completely wrong and devastating to 99% of the people within this country (U.S.), the peasant class. I feel bad about how long this has taken me finish this, at least 2 […]

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Continuum of Capitalism (Oligarchy vs Communism vs Socialism)

Continuum of Capitalism, an Explanation

This post will discuss my set of Continuum of Capitalism infographics which were added to my post: The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote. I want to explain this idea more because, in that post, I just post these two graphics and do not explain it or do I explain my ideas on economic systems at all. Keep in mind, that this post is speaking in very simplified and very broad and sweeping terms. 

If you have NOT read my Cancer of Capitalism post from above, then please go read it NOW!!

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