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Life is strange and can throw you curve balls the likes of which you would never ever see coming. You think you know someone, yourself included, and then ‘Boom!’, your world changes because something has happened and nothing makes sense, or you are thinking things that you have never thought before either about yourself or other people. I have had a few bouts with this last few years. These experiences have shocked, amazed, and saddened me.

What happens when you are brought up to believe and live a certain way and you find out that you truly believe something else which would be much to the chagrin of your parents and family, or society in general. Not that what you now believe is destructive to society as whole or in part (at least in your opinion), but is just against the norm or not societally accepted.

What are some things that might qualify in this situation? There are quiet a few and I will let you mind wander, but think of it. Your life changes. You have this belief or thought that you cannot share or speak freely about because you will be looked down upon or seen as a deviant or crazy person. You feel that it is right and it makes a lot of sense (to you), but it is very much against common societal standards and norm. What do you do?

Which is right? Which is wrong? Because 150 trillion people believe and/or live this way does not mean it is right. Because a few hundred or a few thousand people, or 4 people, believe or think another way does not mean that it is wrong. The world can be kind of lonely without the ability to share these thoughts or beliefs if they are yours and yours alone to bear.

What are your thoughts or beliefs that are yours to bear and what do you do with them or how do you cope? (You may take this as being rhetorical if you like.)

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