First Weber Open House in Lake Delton on August 21 min read

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I have been in talks with First Weber in Lake Delton and I will start working with them as a licensed assistant. I will start by observing and possibly assisting at 2 Open Houses in Lake Delton on Saturday, August, 2, from 11:00 til 13:00 (11:00am to 1:00pm).

Both properties are listed below. If you are in the market for a house right now check’em out; oh, and please do mention that you heard of it from here. =)

  • 381 Oak Ridge Pass: Lake Delton 53940; $279.9k, taxes ~$3655, 1571 sq ft spacious ranch, 3 BR, 2 FB, fireplace, 2 car garage; central air, ~.4acre lot
  • 380 Oak Ridge Pass, Lake Delton 53940; $334k; taxes ~$4626, 2460 sq ft spacious ranch, 3BR, 1 3/4 B, fireplace, 2 car garage; central air, ~1.4 acre lot

Both are right next to each other so here is a map to get there. If you have any questions about either if these properties please feel free to call the First Weber office in Lake Delton at (608) 253-5871 and ask for either Linda or Belinda.

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