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Family Holiday Life Update
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My Birthday

Wednesday night, My Wife said that we would stay up until midnight and that I could not go back into our bedroom. I was quite curious about this and I had no idea what she had planned. We watched two episodes of Friends, an episode of Studio 60, and something else while waiting for midnight. She was so anxious and impatient for midnight to come. Our Roommate was sitting on the couch with us working on finishing knitting her sweater.

A little before midnight we opened and poured some champaign for the three of us. They brought out some Mint Baily’s Irish Creme and tried that. Delicious. Yummmy! … and then a close friend of ours called to wish me a happy birthday.

Star Wars at Midnight

Before My Wife let me go into the bedroom to see what was in there she asked me what I thought was in there. I had no idea. =) After a few completely off-the-wall guessed I was finally allowed to go into the bedroom. I looked and saw my Star Wars picture hanging up and I was so surprised. I could not believe it. I just stood there smiling and pointing at the picture. I did not know what to say. I was so very happy. Why is this such a big deal? Well, I have had this Star Wars oil painting over my bed since I was very, very young. My mother bought it for me the year the movie came out. It is like 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide and is of the original Star Wars picture. When we moved into the house we went back adn forth about where to put it and, of course, it sat in the basement and did not end up anywhere where it could be seen.

And then they pointed out the wrapped present on the bed. I would have been more than happy with just the Star Wars picture over the bed, but there was more. =) I opened that and it was the special edition of the original Star Wars movies, which contains the original unmodified movies and and the reconditioned movies. Very cool! Shortly after a lot of hugging and kissing both of them we decided to go to bed.

The Morning

Mom called me at at little after 07:00 thinking that I would be going to work and that I had the next day off. We talked for a moment and she wished me happy birthday and then I went to bed. A little after 09:00 My Wonderful Wife came in and carefully and lovingly woke me up with kisses. I was still quite tired, and then she brought up the tray for breakfast in bed. She brought a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich along with champaign and hot chocolate. What a great way to wake up.

Then I went into the living room and our Roommoate was making me a mudslide with the mint Baileys and was making popcorn so that we could watch one of the Star Wars movies. We sat down and watched the first movie. Very cool! =) My Wife and I then went to take a short bath and then a shower and there I found another present. It is called Pro-Active. It is a specialized program for acne which we saw on TV. Cool! Hopefully, this will help to remove some of the pimples I have.

Then we talked a little bit about what to wear to go shopping for shoes and after a few suggestion of this shirt or those pants, The Wife said “Don’t you want to ask me what shirt you should wear?”, which I do quite often. So I did, and she pulled out another present a medium blue cashmere sweater. I wore a white and blue stripped dress shirt with the cashmere sweater over it; the Belarussian jeans, and the brown shoes. Sigh!!

Shopping for Shoes

So we all hopped in our cars (The Roomate went in hers because she wanted to go swimming and give The Wife and I some time together) and My wife and I in my car and we went to go shopping. My Wife drove us, and she followed The Roommate who got onto I-90 going West which confused me because, as far as I remember, the Outlet Mall is near the Wintergreen off exit 92 and this was the wrong way for that. I could be wrong and and I was verbalizing this to My Wife and she did not say so much, mostly smiled and laughed at me. =) We took exit 87 and then we stopped off at Taco Bell for lunch The Wife and I ate, and our Roomate was not hungry having eaten breakfast and having popcorn and mudslide. Very cool!!

We then went to the Outlet Mall and The Roommate went swimming (at least I think she did). We started at one end and went from shop to shop. We looked for shoes for work and sports shoes as well as I need both desparately. We looked here and looked there. When we got about 75% of the way through the shops I got really tired at looking for shoes. We were at Sketchers and found some shoes there and they had a small sale. Buy one and get 50% of a second pair. I was somewhat ready to try something different in sports shoes. We both found a grey pair that we both liked but it was not in my size (10.5), and could only find an 11 which fit pretty well. There was another shoe that fit really well and we both thought it was ok. It is mostly grey with black trim and white laces and soles. We put the white laced shoes and some dress shoes for work on hold and continued onto the rest of the 25% of the mall that we wanted to look through, but I was like walk in and walk out. I was not so interesting in looking any more, The Wife was feeling a little bit the same, so we ran through the rest of the stores really quickly and then went back to the Sketchers store and bought the shoes. Yea!

Watching Star Wars Some More

We came home and The Roommate was home and we changed and started to watch the second Star Wars movie and we watched a little over half of it and then it was about time to meet my parents at Applebees (18:00). I was not really hungry. I was full on Taco bell, Mudslide, and popcorn, but was very much looking forward to seeing them and eating at Applebees again.

We then were getting ready to go shopping to Applebees – getting our coats on and Our Roommate gave me a scarf (brown and dark orange). I was so happy. This week I have been thinking about the black and grey scarf that she made me as well as my black coat. I was wishing that I had the scarf here to wear. They are so good to me. I was so happy.


We drove to Applebees and met our parents at one of the small round tables near the bar. We hugged and talked and mom was a little bit teary eyed. Such a mommy. We talked and ate and laughed. I had the Bourben Street Steak, which I miss so very much. It was so hard to finish it, but I did. Yummy.

After eating we went to my parents to play Euchre. the Roomate was quite tired and sat down to watch some TV while we played cards. The Wife and I beat my parents 10 to 0, 10 to 2, 10 to 8, and 10 to 6. It was crazy how well things went for us. Before we left we ate the chocolate cake that my mom made. My parents also bought for me a cube of Mountain Dew and they took us to see the new James Bond movie “Casino Royale” with the new actor playing Bond which rocked. We then went home and watched a little bit of TV and then went to bed.

Christmas Holidays

Tuesday (Dec 19) We did the rest of our shopping. We bought some clothes for grandma and a fancy grey metal picture frame of The Wife and I on our wedding day.

I have been congested and on Friday (Dec 22) I called in sick and went to the doctor. The doctor said that it was most likely viral and nothing we really could do to help it. They gave me a prescription for an guyfensin based decongestant and sent me on my way. This stuff works wonders to help clear out my nose and chest. Great stuff.

Saturday (Dec 23) I did not sleep well at all. I woke up at about 03:30 and I could not get back to sleep until after 06:30 or so. I did not go to Karate and I tried to sleep in. After My Wife went to work I went into Baraboo to my friend house where a bunch of our gaming buddies are getting together to play a little bit and visit. We played a board game and then went to eat at Uno’s in the Lake Delton. I was not hungry then, but I ate until I could not eat any more. It was good to see everyone again. I was so full when I got home – I brought what I could not finish and Our Roommate finished it when she came home from work.

Sunday (Dec 24 – Christmas Eve) The Wife has today and tomorrow off – Yea!!! In the morning We watched a little TV and started to cook a cheese cake. At about noon we went over to my parents house for lunch. My Youngest Niece was there and my parents had to take her back My Sister’s at about 15:00 or so. We played cards and ate. They left to take the little one at 15:00 and we went home to prepare to go to a party tonight.

At about 17:45 or so we went to Deforest (about exit 126 towards Madison on I-90) to a small party that the couple that I play D&D with is having. We arrived a little before 19:00 and were the first people there. We brought a bottle of Merlot and Lambrusco. We left there at little after 22:00 when my friend Brian finally came. We talked for a little bit aand then we left. Tanya slept for most of the way home. It went well. Tanya was a little bit bored as was I. I knew only 3 people there, but it was good to get out and socialize. It is good for Tanya too. =)

When we got home Katia was there with Natasha, and a girl that she works with from Sundara named Tanya and we opened up a bottle of champagne and they snacked on some of the chocolate and Christmas snacks that mom made for us. We went to bed and they stayed up for a little while longer.

Monday (Dec 25) Tanya and I went over for lunch and we ate. The Roommate came over to eat at about 13:30 or so. She ate and we visited for a while, and we are going to wait until she finishes work to open presents.Shortly after that we played a game of Euchre and then we brought out a new game called Rook which is something that I bought for The Wife’s birthday incase we had some spare time (not). We played two games of that and it is really fun. I almost like it a little bit more than Euchre.

The Roommate came over at about 17:30 or so and we opened presents. She left shortly after that to go chat with the boyfriend. We watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” which was good. It was not what any of us expected, but it was a good movie. We went home after that which was about 21:00.

Tuesday (Dec 26) I was not sure if I worked today and pretty much thought I did. I woke up and got ready as I normally do and went in to work. Whe I got there the parking lot was empty and was beginning to think I might not work today. =) I went to the court house and there was a sign that declared that we were closed Dec 25 and 26. Yea! So I went back home and the girls were up. We talked a little and The Roommate went to work.

We took an application for The Wife to the Wellness Center for her to teach Yoga. While we were in the are I stopped by Ho-Chunk where my friend, Brian, works to pick up my phone which I left at the party Saturday night. We talked for a little bit and then left.

We went to Kohls to exchange some white undershirts that Tanya bought me and they were having huge after Christmas sales. We stayed a little while and bought some clothes for both of us. Ugghhh!! Damn Sales. =) I got some pants for work and a new dress shirt. The Wife bought two pairs of warm pants for yoga and two shirts, as well as a pair of jeans that fit her really well.

The Wife and I went to Culvers to eat and on our way home we dropped of a small Custard Sunday for The Roommate while she was at work.

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