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Life Update
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Ok, I was doing some surfing on Facebook and I came upon some stuff by Dan Savage, and then I did some video surfing for him. I found a video that was talking about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. They were discussing the issue of gay and straight people showering together and the associated horrors of repealing DADT and integrating gay and straight personnel. A point was made that nothing will honestly change, because right now they are showering together, but they happen to be barred from opening discussing their (homo) sexuality. DADT is not really going to change the way things are done since gay people are currently there and working, but just cannot talk about their sexuality. (A violation of their first amendment rights, because it makes someone squeamish? Seriously!)

I have not been posting since life – family, business, and work has kept me really busy, so here is a quick update. =)

Reading: I have not had much time to read, but recently I have finished “The Da Vinci Code”  and I am working on “Angels and Demons” now in what little spare time I find.

Writing: I am looking at attempting some writing of some fiction…

Broken Toe: For Thanksgiving I broke my toe while taking Uliana downstairs to put her down for her nap. If you did not know I was sailor before that, you sure knew it afterwards. =O

Uliana: For a few months now Uliana has been sleeping without a pacifier and is pedaling a tricycle on her own. She is getting so big. We are watching too much Sesame Street… hence the previous post!

Smart Phone: Tanya and I both got our first smart phones in August 2011 – droid based smart phones and I love having a smart phone.

Cars: Both of our cars are in the process of dying so we are looking for a new car to at least replace one of ours. We are considering trading in both of our cars to purchase one, and going without a second car for a while. It will be annoying, but we can handle it.

Work: Work has just been really busy with new projects here and there.

Studio: We bought a second house in Baraboo to live in and to run our Yoga Studio out of in May of 2010. We went from having 5-6 classes a week to 15-19 classes per week and we brought on 2-4 more instructors. I am also working on a new Drupal based website for the studio.

Dells House: In July of 2011 we spent a bunch of money fixing up our Dells house to prepare it for new tenants and we have luckily found great tenants. Fixing it up was a weeks worth of vacation.

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