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We have been in the new house for a while. I have fixed a pipe that was not sealed and changed the air filter. Not really big accomplishments in and of themselves, but then again I’m a first time home owner that knows next to nothing about fixing stuff unless it is a computer. So I am happy with these achievements. It is the little things in life! =)

The dryer was venting into the basement while there was elephant hose just hanging from the basement wall. There was material to catch the lint and dust from the dryer that had not been changed in a very, very long time! Fire hazard! I was not a happy camper to see this. I ripped out the old elephant ventilation hose stuff as well as the tape that attached it to the wall. I bought some new silvery ventilation ducting and ran it from the wall ventilation to the Dryer exhaust and now, no more basement dryer exhaust! Yea! The basement is really, really dusty and I imagine it is because of this little craziness. Problem three fixed.

The humidity in the basement was down to 40% and it is oscilating between 40% and 50% which is OK. At theses levels mold and dustmites cannot survive. I will try to keep it down for a while to kill these bad things in the house. Once we finish cleaning the basement and making it really ready for living/ storage we may turn off the dehumidifier, or atleast run it less. I have found one more pipe that leaks and that is the pipe that runs from the Washer to the drain. That needs to be taken care of as well. Ugghhh!!!

I have put up some mirrors and pictures. I have installed Karatea (wood blind thingy’s). That was quite the project even with the appropriate tools! I have put together an over the toilet shelf unit as well. we have been busy. The wife and our friend has painted and arranged everything. We have moved 2 couches to the basement once we got the humidity down and we have so much more room now! Tanya is sooooo happy with this. =)

We have had our family over for barabaque, yoga and yard games a few times to break in the new house. It has been fun and a hell of an experience. I am just waiting for the mortgage to start! Gulp! =) It is nice to come home to my own house. All of it is mine (I mean ours) when I say mine =) ). If there are things that need to be done we can just take care of it, and the result of it is a direct result of what I have done. If you are living in an apartment you have to ask someone else and you do not feel truly free to live how you want.

I’m just babbling now so I will close this update! I won’t go into the expense and haveing to mow a really large lawn. Ending on a positive note is a good thing! =)

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