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Saturday (May 13) I had Badger
take a look at the basement for an estimate. The Seller gave
me the key and told me to keep it since we knew the closing was coming soon.
Monday (May 15) I purchased an industrial Walmart fan and brought over a
friend’s Dehumidifier and set that up. The humidity levels in the basement
are 75% – not good. After about 2 days of running the fan and dehumidifier
continuously the levels have dropped 5%. At this rate it will take us a bout
2 1/2 months to get the level down to about %40 or so. Uggghhhh!

We received word on Tuesday (May 16) that we can set the closing date for
our house, which will be Friday (May 19) at 16:00 (4:00pm) in town here. We
have moved in some stuff that we do not need right now: the new silverware
and dishes, stuffed animals and books and so on. We even brought over the couch
and got ahold of another one. Katia are Tania looked at it today and have
decided that we need to paint the walls to cover the spackling and other discolorations.They are doing some cleaning today as well.

I have a list of things that I need to do like changing the air filter, find a leak in the bathroom sink, sealing a pipe and a few other things that will keep me busy as well as moving. I will also have to mow the lawn – that will be fun – not! We are also planning on staining the deck this summer. I do not know why they did not stain it before. It would make sense that you would want to protect the deck after you put the work or money in to installing it.

We are hoping to have a House Warming/1 Year Wedding Anniversary party at the same time so we can get both over with. Even with all of this craziness going on we still feel a large part of us is missing. We are not able to share this with our girls who are home in Belarus: Banania, Ania, and
Lena. We miss them so very much and wish we could share these moments with them. =(.

In retrospect my previous post on our home buying process titled "Half-way There" was incorrectly titled.It should have been titled "A Quarter of the Way There". Our work in home ownership is really just beginning. The first half is finding the home you like, have your bid accepted, getting the financing and then close. Once that is done you start the second half by setting up water, electricity, internet, cleaning, painting, staining, and moving and rearranging. Oh, you also have to change you address for your magazines, credit card bills, drivers license, insurances and a bunch of other things. So now, we truly embark on the second half of the home ownership journey…

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