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I talked a little bit about my diet experience while Tanya was away prior to me going to Belarus. I had went from 164 lbs down to 150 lbs at a rate of 2.6 lbs per week using the Shangri-la Diet. I also noted about my experiences during that process.

Currently, my weight has risen up to about 158 lbs and it is only going keep going up. =) I am going to start in the Shangri-la Diet again so I can get my weight under control. I am hoping to talk to the wife so we can discuss the food we eat. I would like to include more of the power foods that are mentioned in a Calorically Restricted Diet so super-charge our home cooking. I know I said this before, but it needs to be done. I am really sick of it.

I will get back on the Shangri-la diet just enough to keep my cravings under control. It was such a wonderful feeling to eat because it was time and not because my body said to eat everything in sight. It was, patient
in a manner of speaking, good to be free from food.

My Back

This is a little more serious. My lower back has always been the tightest muscle on my body. When I was working out in Reedsburg in Villaris or going to karate my back would get really tight. They had an inversion machine which really released a lot of the tension that builds up. I have also noticed that when I play Tennis with my Dad a lot my lower back would get tight, but only annoyingly so.

Well, now that my Dad and I have discovered Racquetball, my back is really, really not happy with my. We started playing about 4 weeks ago at the Tamarac. It is a lot of fun, but my lower back was getting really, really tight. We played this Friday and my back was in a bit of pain, more than I have ever felt before. Tanya had me go through some Yoga stretches and that helped a lot. Today I am going to the Chiropractor and, hopefully, I will get some advice so I do not have this problem, or at least so I can manage or control it.

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