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So we stand there in front of my new flat in Belize. I have just upgraded my Domicile Class Rating (DCr) to 5 and we moved to here from Austria. I speak English, Austrian, and, strangely enough, Latin. In our times we are required to speak at least 3 languages and it is good for the mind and very good for such a globalized civilization. Schooling is free. Medical care is free. Basic travel is free to all around the world. Basic food access is free. Basic housing is free. World Web access is free and ubiquitous. Everyone has access to a Personal Communication Center (PCC) via a public terminal or most have a Personal Communication Device (PCD) of sorts. Basic PCD access is gained at Class Two or higher. I am a Standard Class 3 with a new DCr 5.

All people are granted a basic access to a shelter, food, clothes, schooling, and medical care at Class 1 Access and everyone in the world has Class 1 access. You do not have to work if you do not want to, but if you do something that provides a service or product of worth to society you can gain a class upgrade and and increase in access to better food, housing, and other things. Some people make living as writers, researchers, dockworkers, preachers, jewelers, teachers, manufacturers, artists and many other professions.

All the world is open and free. There are no longer national borders. Money as was known before does not exist. People now have Access Levels. The better a service or product you provide the more access you can earn, and depending on the demand for your service or product you may always have improved access. You may trade a Standard Access Increase for a specific access increase in a different area such as housing. I just gained a Standard Class Increase 4 to and traded it in for a Class 5 Domicile rating. After a long period of time I may gain the class 4 Standard Rating back, but it may be a long while. This Class Rating trade is something similar to what you would refer to the effect a loan would have. I give up an increase in general access to services and products of a certain level for a greater increase in another area.

Moving is easy. I just call the World Housing Authority and tell them that I no longer need my flat in Austria and I wish one in Belize. They make the arrangements and when I get there my flat was set up with clothes, food and so on in a very similar matter as I was set up in Austria. I do not always have the choice in flats that I want given my low level of access but I do have some choice. If I want my stuff moved from there to here I could have arranged for that as well. Life is good here on earth.

What do I do for a living you ask? Well, I am a Class 3 Dock Worker with a Class 2 Foreman Specialization in Small Commercial Aquatic Dock Facilities which upgrades me to a Class 4 Standard. I have primarily worked for small dock firms and am looking for work in a larger dock facility so I can upgrade my specialization to Large Dock Foreman which could mean a Standard Class Increase of two. That would be great. We are required to take tests to achieve rankings in a job, as well, of course, as experience doing the job. Once we apply for a class upgrade our peers are interviewed as well as are our bosses and then we are tested randomly and then we achieve our upgrade. Sometimes upgrades can be recommended from excellent performance. That is not common, but does happen to those that do really well at their job.

Patents no longer exist and research done is available to all of humanity and resources and man power are pooled to research things quickly and efficiently. Organizations that wish to work on research in radiation shielding let the World Research Department know their intent and they are hooked up with others that are doing the same. The newcomers discuss what their thoughts are and find out if that has already been done and where to go from there. They are told where the best and most available facilities are to start this research and what databases to log their information and results in so that the rest of the community may benefit from the fruits of their labor.

Advances in research and development are quickly disseminated throughout the world and old plants and products are upgraded or recycled. New upgrades are available to those with a higher level access and older products work their way down the access chain.

I have also worked hard and traded in quite a few Standard Class upgrades to achieve and Class 2i, which means that if I chose to not ever work again I will always have Class 2 access. It is sometimes referred to as Class 2 Infinity. It is sort of like prepping for what you would refer to as retirement.

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