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Jewelry Yoga
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New Yoga Classes

In addition to the Mixed Level Yoga Class that she teaches on Saturday and Sunday, Tanya has started to teach 2 more Yoga classes on Monday nights. She is teaching an Advanced Yoga Class in Silence (Level II) followed by a Meditation Class.

Hand-made Jewelry

She also enjoys creating necklaces, earrings, and so on and is going to start selling them through the Yoga studio. We are also considering selling them through EBay. The necklaces are made primarily of stones which have an accompanying explanation for what the stone is said to effect:

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis relives headaches and migraines, skin disorders and anxiety, and aids problems with lymph glands, ears, and eyes. It calms the nervous system reducing inflammation and pain.
Recommended for healing bones and scar tissue, relieving autoimmune conditions, ulcers, lesion, and skin conditions, especially allergies. It is also good for mental scars. It prevents you from repeating old mistakes and will prevent you from doing so again. It can be used as a focused for sending positive energy to people made homeless by war or hurt by buried land mines.
White Holite (Magnesite)
Relates to skeleton, bones, teeth and to the absorption of necessary minerals. It strengthens the effects of basic health care and fitness programs.
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