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My wife and I went to see ‘The Golden Compass‘ last night even though we were told to wait to rent it. This movie is in the stylistic vein as Narnia and is about as tense. A good movie for older children.

It was a high fantasy movie with a little lesson about truth and about the length that some will go to stop the people from knowing the truth, especially when it conflicts with their interests, power, and control. It was a little thought provoking for me. =)

Tanya, in general liked it, but it really upsets her when a movie leaves something open for a second movie. She prefers more of a ‘Terminator’ ending where everything is closed and you feel that the movie is completed. The special effects were great. I liked the fantasy world and the way that they created it. The acting was good. The script was OK. The stories moral is world is quite evocative for me.

Was it worth the full $8.50? Well… there are better movies out there and I would have preferred to see but the high fantasy was a welcomed break from what has been coming out.

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