“Star Trek” (2009) (Review – A)1 min read

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I am a Star Trek fan and I watched the original series as well as the “Next Generation”, which I also liked. I have seen most all of the movies as well. 

The script for the current movie, which is simply titled “Star Trek“, takes our familiar characters in a new direction breathing new life and familiarity into them. They attempt to coalesce some distributed Trek cannon about the characters into something tangible with much action-packed verve as they could, and they succeeded.

There was a lot in this movie for Trekkies to appreciate, but since this is a movie that goes to establish all of the main characters’ backgrounds and relationships you do not really need to have seen or know about Star Trek or its lore before you see this, although it will most certainly help amplify your appreciation.

I loved the movie and I hope that they are seriously considering a series with these characters. My wife thought it was OK, but she also knows nothing about Star Trek. I even think they pulled a Russian in to play Checkov. Very Cool! I have heard they they are seriously considering a sequel to this movie.Yea!

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