The Journey and not the Destination2 min read

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I have had a moment in my life where it really hit me that it is the journey that matters so much more than the destination. This little epiphany happened during the first month or so working at my current job following graduating from college and returning from Europe.

I have had a plan since I was a Junior in high school (1991) that I had been following, and this little plan brought me here, to this job (destination). I went in the military to learn how to learn, to see the world a little bit, and to better prepare myself for life and college. I then went to college, graduated with honors with an BS in Computer Information Systems and an AS in Computer Networking Technologies. Following that I went to Europe for 10 weeks to visit friends and then came back and found this job.

Along this way I dealt with entering the military, surviving their training and schooling, getting out of the military, getting married and then divorced, had my grandfather pass away, started a new job. I drove about 2 1/2 hours each 13 hour day – 6 days a week. Desert Storm and 9-11 happened during this time as well. I have been through a lot to get to this point and it would not have been so significant or important to me had I not had to endure and experience everything that I did.

Yes, the destination is nice and I am really appreciating it. I love my job and where I am in life. I am proud of a lot that I have done. I could not have done it alone though. I had help from friends and family. All of this helps me to appreciate what I have. For me, it is the Journey through life and not where we end up that matters. For without the journey there can be no real perspective or way to truly appreciate what you have accomplished.

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