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Sacred texts such as the Bible and the Koran are tools that can be used for ill or for good. If you go to these with ill will, page prejudice, and malice in your heart then that is what you will find. If you go to it with love, compassion, and acceptance then that is what you will find. These sacred-texts are not inherently good or evil. It, as well as hand guns or cars, are merely refined lumps of inert matter. It is the user, the wielder of said item, whose actions shall be wrought of carelessness, and compassion or malice for their fellow man that shall give them power.

Vanity, arrogance, hubris and pride while reading these text can lead to a false sense of assuredness of interpretation. A wise man is one that will ask why their interpretation is correct or incorrect, and even in the face of affirmative evidence be willing to doubt its seeming validity. All ‘truth’ is seen through the eyes, ears, and thoughts of person that are born on the wings of transgressions, preconceptions, love, fear, doubt, assumptions, and pride. How can any man know the full truth when we see life through such a blurry and soiled lens? How can man, with all our flaws and fears, know the truth and use these sacred texts appropriately?

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