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I have posted a new article for the Milwaukee Examiner titled “UU minister, Rev. Forrest Church, has passed

Yesterday, the prominent Unitarian Universalist minister and writer, Rev. Forrest Church, has passed away from esophageal cancer. Rev. Church was the Minister of Public Theology at the Church Of All Souls in New York City. He was a prolific author of 25 books such as ‘A Chosen Faith – an introduction to Unitarian Universalism‘ and ‘So Help Me God: The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State‘. This is a sad day for many Unitarian Universalists, since he was such a clear voice for liberal religion and separation of church and state.

I have 3 of his books, both of the above mentioned books + one other, one of which I still have to read. Many of his sermons dating back to as far as 1995 are posted on the All Souls site. Forrest Church’s website has a listing of his books and more of his other writings.

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