The Three Party Politcal System1 min read

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I am unhappy with the 2 party system that we have currently. With this there is too much
I’m right and your wrong. type politics that goes on. I am predominantly a centrist, at least I think I am, and our political process could greatly benefit from a centrist party to balance out the zealous party devotionary lunacy that goes on much to the detriment of the people. To much stand behind this proposal because it is the thing to do.

We need a party that is based on pragmatism, balance, and results that can work with and farm the other parties to create legislation that is balanced, well researched, and less biased towards the ideological extremist parties. One party has too much federal involvement the other too much state funded social programs (in some people’s opinion). Having a majority party with a bend towards balance and pragmatism would be great.

Of course this is my (uninformed and ill researched) version of an ideological centrist party.

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