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So, the following week shall be fun. My sister’s kids will be here at my parents house until Thursday, I think, and they are a 15,16 and 7’ish. There will be a lot of racquetball and eating going on. The last time they came I played so hard that my back and neck were out of wack for a week. I have to play really hard to have a chance to beat that athletic punk. We will also be celebrating Easter this Sunday and my mother’s birthday on Monday. I have a lot to look forward to over this next week. =) I just hope that I have the energy to survive

Now something that does come to mind to this not-so-interesting uncle, is I really want to expose them to the different books that have really changed the way that I see the world. Books such as “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters”, “The Jeffereson Bible”, “Introduction to Linguistics” and things of that nature, but I myself thinking that I would be overstepping my bounds as an uncle. I do not think that my sister would mind at all, but still, the hesitation is there. I know that I will have this luxury when our daughter is born.

I know their minds are young and they still lack perspective, but perhaps reading these will plant the seeds of a greater understanding and appreciation in the world for things that most would not have. I also want to introduce them to Esperanto, plus topics such as globalization and comparative religion, but that makes me not-so-interesting to spend time with. =( They are still kids and are more interested in having fun, which is what they come here for.

I remember when I was alone with Sammy at a water park and I was talking about such not-so-interesting topics and I felt sorry for her. She was a trooper and stood through it all hoping that the line would go faster so the end would come really soon. Good kids they are. =) I wish I could just open my brain and poor some of my perspective and experience into their little heads to give them that extra headstart in understanding this crazy and sometimes dangerous place we live in. 

In some ways I feel sorry for our daughter for the things we will subject her too like all of the things I mentioned above plus Russian, Yoga, and Martial Arts. =) 

I think I have rambled enough for now. I know I do not normally post about such personal stuff, but I felt compelled to do so today. =)

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