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On May 25, 2007 I became an ordained minister for the Universal Life Church. Why did it do that? That is a good question and I am going to try to answer it, at least a little bit, here. Some will laugh and some will cry (at the apparent absurdity) when reading this, and that is OK. =)

Religion, theology, spirituality or whatever you would like to call it is a person seeking that answer to the question that plagues each and every person in one way or time or another. Some have the strength to look for the answers themselves and some do not. Some are happy being told what to believe and some find satisfaction in their own pursuit to the answer. I have not really cared either way until the last few years when I began my own little search to find my answers. Will I ever truly find the answer? Just like everyone else – No, I shall not. Will I find the answers that make sense to me and sate my need for more answers? I certainly hope so.

There are things that I have thought and read about (from civil rights and relationships to religion) and conclusions that I have come to (but I will discuss them at a later time), and being guided by my home in Unitarian Universalism which has an penchant for lay lead services, I found this ordainment path rather appropriate for me.

Becoming ordained, is in some way, a personal affirmation that I am in charge of my spiritual journey and that no one else can travel it for me. I am responsible for my beliefs and no one can tell me what to believe. (Well, they can, but that does not mean that I will be a believer.) I must decide and discover what truths resonate inside me. Others may assist me along my journey by helping me to discover what I believe, but let them not condemn me for not partaking fully what is true in their own heart, for in each person lays their own truth and only they have the power to discover and unleash it.

I have semi-recently performed my first wedding ceremony and wow was I nervous. I am happy and more than willing to perform services for (and I support) those of the ‘LGBT+P‘ persuasion.

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