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I have been following the Prop 8 Trial for the last week or so via the Prop 8 Trial Tracker and I can say I am really confused with the Defendants – the Pro-Prop 8 people. Their witnesses were to our advantage and their cross-examination of our witnesses yielded pretty much nothing of really use. Both of the witnesses they called came off as incompetent and/or sleazy. It was sad to see … in a good way.

I know that they do not have a rational or logical argument against Same-Sex Marriage,
but this was sad almost to the point of hoping that they declare a mistrial because their counsel seemed completely inept and out classed by the Olson/Boise juggernauts. I am happy to see that,
because it reinforces the legitimacy of Same-Sex Marriage issue,
but it also makes me worry as to what they are really up to.

I am pretty sure they were expecting an appeal regardless of who won this first round, so perhaps they have something more vicious planned for the appellate court. They cannot add new evidence or testimony there, but perhaps they are planning on hiring competent counsel to argue their case. The evidence and testimony that they submitted was not too inspiring. Perhaps they may leave it at losing here at the District Court level and not take it too the Supreme Court to minimize the damage, in hopes that this case will not be used as further precedent for other cases across the country? I am not sure what is going on here, but it is worry-some.

Our evidence and testimony was pretty much on target and unflappable. With Loving vs Virginia and Brown vs Board of Education in our courts to show that marriage is a fundamental right, and separate is not equal, respectively, I am thinking that we have a great case in our favor.

Now we wait for the judge to review the testimony and evidence given, and then the court will take on filings for Amicus Briefs, and then Closing Arguments. I do not like this wait at all. There is so much at stake here, but I am quite hopeful.

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