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As a follow up to my 45-page blog page on the Calendar Reform which talks about the International Fixed Calendar (IFC) which even recommends some reforms to make it better (rIFC), I am in the process of writing an article of my thoughts and a comparison of the Henry-Henke Permanent Calendar (HHPC) due to someone in a Calendar Reform group asking me about it.

As a part of that process and analysis I found out about the Pax Calendar (PC)  which very much looks like a modified version of the International Fixed Calendar with some eccentricities added in. Essentially, the PC appears to be the IFC using a inline Leap Week to account for Year Days and Leap Days instead of intercalary days, so here I am going to reformulate the Pax Calendar as a further reform of my Reformed IFC so that it is cleaner, more standard, and more palatable. Here is an article that details my thoughts on using Leap Weeks.

The Reformed Pax Calendar

So, with this work we will start with my Reformed International Calendar (rIFC) whose reforms are mentioned in my Calendar Reform page above. If you want to know more about the International Fixed Calendar and the rIFC then please check my rather lengthy article above. I will go over the traits of the Reformed Pax Calendar (rPC) created as the Reformed International Fixed Calendar modified to use Leap Weeks so you can see how it may look like. Essentially just copy the rIFC and add in inline-Leap Weeks and you are done, but here is the summary for you in case that all seems like jibberish to you:

  • Equal Months: each month is exactly 28 days
  • Mondays: calendar week and months start on Mondays
  • 13 Months: 13 months (13 * 28 = 364 days)
  • 13th Month: 13th month will be called Sol and inserted between June and July to minimize date displacement. Here are the months in order so you can see them:
    1. Jan
    2. Feb
    3. Mar
    4. Apr
    5. May
    6. Jun
    7. Sol
    8. July
    9. Aug
    10. Sep
    11. Oct
    12. Nov
    13. Dec
  • Leap Week: every 5 or 6 years – following Dec 28 there will be a Leap Week added which will compensate for the previous missed 365th days of the years and the Leap day too. For more information on how this would be instituted please see the Wikipedia article (linked to above).
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