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Yesterday, I returned from the Our Wisconsin Revolution’s (OWR) annual meeting and I am committed to running for office next year (2020). I am planning on running for our local School Board. I would wanted to run for County Board for the last several years, but I am currently working for the county, so I am not allowed to by law – conflicting interests and all that. Me sad panda. =(

However, as a part of the process of preparing to run for office, I have spun off my ginormous (~60 page) policy post: The Interstellar New Deal into its own site so it will have more room to grow and to attempt to turn it into an ebook of sorts if I can manage that. Its new URL is InterstellarNewDeal.Global:

Interstellar New Deal – Transforming Humanity with a Vision for Radical: Equity and Social, Environmental, Economic, and Technological Justice

What is the Interstellar New Deal you ask?:

At some point I will unpublish my original posts here and set up redirectors so I can relegate my work and advancement on those policies to that all-encompassing site.

The Interstellar New Deal is an eco-humanistic platform which is evolutionary, technocratic, radically progressive, humanistic, sustainable, and is powerfully driven by a vision for a finally peaceful and space-faring Humanity whose eco-humanist ideals will result in the radical transformation of Humanity to evolve beyond poverty, war, and suffering.

Interstellar New Deal
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