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Angels Day Day of Angels Holiday
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Siete de Mayo; Dia de Angeles; May 7th, Day of Angels – a new holiday started by …. Me. =) Why?? You Ask… To celebrate the Angels in my life. Find the Angels in your life… the people who have lifted you up when you have fallen, those who have given you strength when you were weak, those who have given you hope when all is lost – and thank them… Show them that their support made a difference! Tell them that without them and their support things would have been very different.

We don’t always know how the things we do affect people. We do not know how much we help and sometimes it is the little things, the innocuous things that we do that can give hope or inspiration – something as simple as a smile can renew the soul. There are Angels in your life find them, and let them know!! (I do not typically put personal stuff here, but I am making this an exception)

Celebrate the Angels that are in your life. I am happy to say that I have many that have made a difference in mine. This is third year that I have celebrated it and thee first year that I ahve made this public. So celebrate with me and spread the word.

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