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I want to talk about the Civil Unions and Marriage Ban in Wisconsin from a White Man’s Burden sort of perspective. If you have seen the movie I think that you know where I will be going with this. This is a great statement movie starring John Travolta and Harry Belafonte, where the racial roles are reversed between the African American and White communities. In this movie African Americans are dominate racial force and whites are the minority.

Role Reversal

The majority of people in the world are heterosexual. What if this was not the case? What if it was the other way around? What if homosexual relationships were the norm (we are going to disregard the species perpetuation issues with this, so work with me here).

Being heterosexual in a homosexual world. You are in love with someone of the opposite sex even though the world tells you that you are wrong and you might even have a disease or mental disorder. You are afraid to show your love and commitment for your partner for fear of ostricization or being spurned, not only by people that you do not know, but your friends and family as well.

You get together with your partner and declare you love and commitment together and you want to get married. You cannot due to government laws, and because of this you are not able to get health insurance from your partner, see them in the hospital, make medical and financial decisions for them in case of an emergency, get bereavement leave, and host of other benefits that are taken for granted by the homosexual majority.

How lonely it is. Living in fear and worry that something might happen to your partner and you may not be able to do something about it because the government is trying to tell you who you can love and are trying to punish you for it.

Final Thoughts for Today’s World

How will same sex unions in todays world affect you. Odds are that it will not affect you at all, unless you are in the homosexual minority seeking marital rights for you and your loved one.

Whether or not same-sex unions are allowed will not affect the heterosexual population at all. Same sex unions happen whether anyone likes it or not. These unions currently may not have the force or protection of law but they are still there, even if you do not want to acknowledge it.

Allowing marital freedom, as it is intended, to same-sex marriages will give everyone the peace of mind that they deserve for committing to their loved ones. It will give everyone the safety and security that is deserved for their commitment.

On November 7th go out there and vote against this tragedy in American politics and prevent the destruction of the true meaning of marriage – commitment. Do not let intolerance and prejudice be the cornerstone of your country’s laws. Take back America and let it stand for Freedom.

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