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I have seen a few movies lately and I am going to catch you up on my thoughts of them.

The Departed

The Departed was tense, bloody, and fun. This a guy movie with enough violence to whet your testosterone laden palette, a great plot and script. The acting was excellent and I really loved Mark Wahlberg’s part. See it. My wife does not like violent or bloody movies and this was a bit much for her, she did however enjoy the plot.

Casino Royale

I enjoyed Casino Royale quite a bit. At first I was not sure if I was going to like Daniel Craig as the new Bond, but in the end I did. This is a new take on who and what James bond is. It is a little darker and grittier and we get some character development to boot. Now that is a welcomed change.

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins was an interesting and educational documentary on the life of the Emperor Penguins. I am glad that saw it just to be exposed to their life long and dedicated saga to their children. If that does not catch ya, then you will want to see this movie before Happy feet, as it will allow you to appreciate it more.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a fun, fun movie with Robin Williams’ voice which is always a treat. The movie has a small statement and there is ‘almost’ too much singing. Almost. It was a great time and a lot of fun. A great movie for kids and adults.


I might be reading more into Apocalypto that was intended, but here’s what struck me about this movie: It appeared that Mel Gibson was doing a statement movie on cultural evolution. The acting is great. The effects somewhat gruesome, much more so than The Departed from above.

The beginning seems to have been done, and was done well, to allow the viewer to connect with the characters and setting. It shows that even though they are an old society that we are all still humans with human needs and relations, sense of humor, in-laws, and so on. Great job with that. Then through the rest of the movie I see a statement about societal evolution on how it changes and yet stays the same. The same cultural standards it just changes focus or form. This was especially driven home for me with the end.

Maybe I am off my rocker. Most likely. But that is what I thought. This is not a movie for the faint of heart.

Flushed Away

As far as I am concerned any non-Disney and/or non-Pixar film (which are now one and the same’ish) is just going to be enjoyable and not great. That is my bias. Now that this is out of the way… Flushed Away was an interesting movie. The animation good. The plot and script quirky but fun. For me it would be renter, especially if you have kids.

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