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To start this off, believe it or not, more about I have never seen a Speed Racer cartoon or anything. I have heard of it plenty of times, but have never actually seen it. What attracted me to this movie is a few things: the fact the the Wachowski brothers are directing it (the same directors from the Matrix); I wanted to see what this Speed Racer thing was all about; and finally, I was curious to see how far they were taking the unique style that I was seeing in the previews.

I went to see “Speed Racer” last night and I liked it. I did not know what to expect since I know very little bit about the Speed Racer franchise if you will. All I knew is that he raced cars and their was going to be a lot of color (from the preview).

It was a psychedelic, tense, and fun 2.25 hour ride. I never noticed the time go by. The all star cast’s acting was stupendous, believable, and appropriate to this genre. The effects and colors were consistent and somehow fitting. Some of the acting was melodramatic but very appropriate. Good Movie!

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