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As I mentioned in a previous post I started on the Shangri-La Diet pretty much the day after Tanya left for Belarus (April 3), which is exactly 6 weeks ago. In 6 weeks I have gone from 164lbs down to 150 lbs, which is a total of 14 lbs – about 2.3 lbs per week.

I am at a point where I think the Shargri-la diet should no longer be used for weight loss – just weight maintenance. I have some extra fat that I want gone, but I think that the rest will have to dealt with via a healthier (read calorically restricted) diet and exercise. Eventually, I can ween myself off the Shangri-la, once I get a more healthy diet plan in place which includes a lot of the CR healthy foods – some as mentioned above.

My previous diet was healthy – no (Partially) Hydrogenated Oils (PHO), no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) and a conscious thought of the foods I ate, but my main problem was that I was eating too much, especially when I went to my parent’s house. I love to eat delicious foods, so I, as many people do, gorge myself, which is not good. The Shangri-la allowed me to control my hunger and cravings. Yea!

I have tried a Caloric Restricted (CR) recipe – the Mega Meal Super Burrito – and I have added Brewers Yeast and Wheat Germ to my diet and, wow, are they really healthy for you. The Wheat Germ has as definite taste, but the Brewers Yeast is not so bad. I add both to my breakfast. I have also added some Tofu in albacore tuna, eggs, and some lite mayonnaise (a little tuna and egg salad). I just wish I could find Tofu in smaller amounts, because as of now I do not use a lot. When Tanya gets back we talk about how we can change things.

With the weight that I have lost my pants are no longer tight and the dunlop and spare tireage not are really an concern. I feel so much better now. Yea for a plan that works.

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