The One That Got Away1 min read

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My heart swells with the happiness and joy of having known you
Longing now fills the void in my heart where you stood for a ten-day
You are 5000 miles away and I feel very inch
Wanting you to want to be with me is the bitter-sweet thought that rocks me to sleep
I know you feel that it cannot work; you feel that we do not have a chance
There is much I would give to have a chance at loving you
In our short time together I have felt a lifetime if closeness to you
Knowing I have to let go of you tears me up and fills me with a great sorrow
The sorrow of not knowing what could have happened; of letting go of the world of happiness
and Joy that I see in you

Sometimes I ask myself Why I came up to you on that bright day summer day; to let your bright smile and
laugh into my heart. To invite the sorrow I feel now for having to let you go

Knowing you gives me the hope that there might be another out there; another that is strong, forthright,
beautiful, and as wonderful as you. This hope keeps me from feeling the despair of thinking that you might
be the one that got away; the perfect one that got away.

James O’Neill, March 11, 2003

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