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I was finally able to see the movie “Shoot ‘Em Up” this weekend. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it – a lot. This movie’s has a flagrant disregard for reality with over the top stunts and gun fights. I would almost say that it makes fun of the secret agent genre of movie in a serious way. It is filled what great one-liners and a plethora of guns, dead bodies, bullets, and a hot chick to boot. A great recipe for a mindless good time.

The plot was interesting and keeps you thinking. I almost say it is needlessly complex given the over the top action, but it was nice to see the great stunt work with a decent plot to boot – this was almost a refreshing combination.

The Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti were excellent. Monica Bellucci is hot as hell, but her acting was just OK for me. If I remember correctly she was in the French film “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (Pacte des loups, Le), which I really liked her in.

This is completely a guy movie. The ladies will probably not enjoy this one so much, so save this one for time with the guys. For a guy movie I give it an high B+ or low A-; for the ladies I am thinking that this is probably in the C range.

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