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Here’s a little catchup for the last month or so or our busy, busy lives.

Yoga Studio

As I have written about Tanya has been teaching Yoga in the old Baraboo News Republic building and that has been going well. We have not advertised this and a few of her classes have maxed out (6 people which is all we can fit in the room), and that is great. It is a nice place and the owner is very amiable and helpful.

We had our first day where the Jiu-Jitsu classes were being taught. We have been waiting for this day, and well, it wasn’t so bad, but I am pretty sure that we are going to have to find somewhere else to teach. =( Once this one month trial is over we will most likely look for a new place to teach.


We have known that we have need to replace the roof since we bought the house and now we are doing it. Hopefully, the roofers will be here this week to get it done. This will pretty much tap us out of our savings, but at least that will be fixed. Annoying, but necessary.

Early Thanksgiving

My sister’s kids were down from Thursday to Sunday to spend time with my parents and us. That was a lot of fun. I beat Tyler and Dad in racquetball, as well as tennis (2 on 1). We played cards and watched movies. It was a good time.

My Birthday

My birthday was quiet. I spent it with Tanya and my parents. We went to church, ate my mother’s deep fried chicken (which I love), and we saw the movies ‘Madagascar 2’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’. IT was a good day.

Tanya bought for me a Garmin GPS. I almost cried. It was electronic. It has buttons. Yea, I love buttons…. and most of all it may keep us from getting lost. I had thought about picking one up especially since I have become a Realtor. My sense of direction is horrible and this is rather ironic since I am in real estate. How on earth would I ever find the places or be on time. Well, now that is answered. Whew!

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