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OK, well, I am not pregnant but my Tatsianka is. We have been trying for a few months since we returned from Belarus in July, and it has happened. We just returned from our first doctor’s appointment and verified that she is about 2 months along. We heard the baby’s heart beat too. Wow! Tanya started to cry and I almost did. =) It was a wonderful moment that really made it quite clear that this is real, and that it is really happening. It was no longer a plan or just a word – ‘pregnancy’.

We are simultaneously excited and scared. This will be our first child, and this will be a brand new experience for both of us. We are looking forward to it. Let one of life’s most wonderful and powerful journeys begin.

We wanted to wait until after the first doctor’s appointment before telling the world, and so, here we are. We are pregnant!

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