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What is Secular Humanism? I have often wondered that myself. I have heard the term bandied about, and was not sure what it meant. At church today (the Free Congregation of Sauk County) our speaker, Andrew Kerr, spoke eloquently as ever about this topic.

What I learned today resonated greatly with me. I think that this might be the most correct label for what I believe. My impression (and opinion) of a decent definition for what Secular Humanism is, is as follows:

Secular humanism is the patent rejection of “silver platter” answers to your theological/spiritual meaning or revelation. It is taking and accepting responsibility for your journey to meaning and revelation, and your understanding of you humanity and your place in existence. It is to not blindly accept what answers you are spoon fed, but to question everything and to try to understand and find the answers.

Current organized religion is a disease that too much attempts to relive the individual of responsibility for their journey and it tries to hand them the answers for which they have no foundation, experience, or perspective with which to understand or apply the teachings.

Meaning and understanding can only come from questioning and the dogged pursuit of understanding and perspective and not from just being handed the answer. Sheep are created by the dogmatic shepherds who relieve their flock of the responsibility of self-inquisition and thought by handing them an answer for which they are punished if they are questioning or are not following and believing in.

I do not believe Secular Humanism is the patent rejection of religion, but it is the patent rejection of being spoon fed the answer without taking responsibility for your belief and the ramifications of it. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of religion and that is horrible, for in these moments responsibility lays in their zealous belief of what they have been told is ‘the truth’ and they obey.

Just my humble thoughts for now.

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