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Pursuant one or two conversations I have had on this topic, I am writing this post to state my stance on Alien Conspiracies. Having only watched a few videos for research here, I will be posting my uneducated opinion. If you are a believer of such things, I mean nothing personal here.

You will also want to read my post Religion, an Overview because it was written as a precursor to this post and because I will call to topics and logic from there. =)

I. No Problem Stating Controversial Views

First, let me say that I have no problem talking about controversial topics. For me, the truth and awakening others, is what matters.

A. Personal Blog Posts

I think my blog will stand on its own to prove as much. Check out the following posts of mine, all of which are controversial, severely in some cases depending on where you stand:

B. Asgardia, Micronational Works

Also, if you have not followed me there, most of my time with the micronation of Asgardia has shown the same tendencies by my repeatedly slapping those in charge (Asgardia NGO, Lena, Admin, etc…) with charges of corruption, oppression, and hypocrisy via my many articles and posts. As a result of attempting to hold them accountable I was summarily removed from my elected seat as a Member of Parliament. =O (See my A Nation Apart post in the link below for more info.) I knew it was coming. They could not let me be in a position of influence to rally for parliament to undo their premeditated undermining of their powerful and inspiring Asgardian ideals.

Here is my page which collects all of my Asgardian writings so you can see for yourself. Check out my sections titled:

  • Censorship and Corruption in Asgardia
  • Writings on the Constitution

There is no alien conspiracy to undermine Asgardia either. The constitution and the administration itself undermines their stated values quite well and quite blatantly without any outside help or manipulation. Just good old fashioned human corruption, just like Scooby and the gang always uncovered.

Ok, now on to the meat of the discussion…

I. Religion?

Why are you talking about religion, when you said you were going to talk about Aliens?” Just hold on. I will get there. I need to lay some groundwork first, so just bear with me… =)

Second, go read my previous post titled Religion, an Overview which I wrote specifically as a precursor to this post and as background FOR this post. The ideas and logic in that post will set the stage for this post, so really, please go read it. It is only 25 pages long! You may consider this tiny paragraph to mean:

<insert the post here: Religion, an Overview>

II. Alien Conspiracies?


Let me start by stating that I am in no way religious nor have I ever really ever been (identifying as an Agnostic Humanist), nor do I believe in the existence of the divine, supernatural, or other man-made constructs such as: gods, vampires, unicorns, pixies, ghosts, witches, curses, heaven, hell, or an afterlife. Show me the concrete evidence for any of these and then we can talk!! =)

A. Religion for a Technological Age

I am not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens
I am not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens!

In many ways, Alien Conspiracies are the new religion for the technological age. Instead of person saying:

  • It was the Great Willow Spirit!”
  • It was a witch!
  • It was the will of god(s)!
  • It was the work of the Devil!

… to explain the unexplainable they can now say “It’s aliens!” or more colloquially “I am not saying it was aliens, but… It was aliens!!!

In order to attempt to cope with ignorances, fears, and pains people turn to artificial constructs such as religions and now alien conspiracies in order to help explain things and to help give themselves some sort of hope – a promise of a new world, a promise of change, or of salvation in a downward spiraling technological age.

B. Trading Fantastical Magic for Technological Magic

To quote a famous author:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C Clarke

Instead of creating artificial constructs made up of the fantastical superstitions of the past (divine, supernatural) as we have done, people are now using aliens for that because it is somewhat more acceptable because it is sciencey. Aliens, as we encounter Humanity’s Perimeter of Ignorance as Neil deGrasse Tyson so elegantly labeled it, are the new label for the Gods of the Gap to explain the unexplainable, until we finally understand… and then the unexplainable will no longer be attributed religion, supernatural, or aliens, but will fall under the purview of… science and the known. So, by using Aliens as the new Gods of the Gaps – now Aliens of the Gaps – we are trading the older forms of fantastical magic with newer and cooler technological (alien) magic.

elemental and natural spirits; supernatural; gods and other divinitiesinvisible alien councils and progenitor races
devils, spirits, pixies, ghost and other undeadshapeshifting lizard alien conspiracy which has infected all levels of government to keep humanity from evolving and progressing, causing disasters and assassinations

C. From Religion to Alien Conspiracies?

Look I'd Like to let you in, but you were very adamant about not believing in aliens.
Look I’d Like to let you in, but you were
very adamant about not believing in aliens.

For some previously or currently religious people, making the jump from blaming or attributing things to god(s), demons, or other divine or supernatural entities to blaming and attributing things on aliens is a logical step in Humanity’s dependency or need for explanations and answers to things they do not understand while in a technological world.

For conservatives, I covered a little bit of why this would be in my post Morality vs Religion which talks about moral psychology and conservative psychology. I covered it again in my recent post Religion, an Overview. Conservative people have a low tolerance for ambiguity and dissonance, so they need a level abolute’ism and authority in their life to which religion and alien conspiracies would fill by providing explanations so that life, as cruel as it is, can make some level of sense to them.

Perhaps even, because non-belief is one of the largest growing religious demographics, and following their transition to non-believer, that Alien Belief is the next acceptable step to fill that evolutionary urge to believe in something else bigger and to explain the unexplainable. There seems to be a higher percentage of non-believers believing in aliens than religious people most likely due to only needing one gap filling construct- competing constructs need not apply.

So, as a final word here: I could no more believe that Harry Potter the Undying was the true messiah for Humanity just because:

  • he was the boy who lived
  • he has one of the best selling book series in the world
  • people by the millions are flooding to his mecca @ Wizarding World to bow down, worship, and to pay at homage

… than I could believe in pixies, vampires, gods, ghosts, centaurs, or… alien conspiracies.

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