Holocene Era Calendar Reform Holocene Era Calendar Reform

A New Year Zero for Humanity’s Calendars1 min read

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Here is a neat calendar reform video which suggests that we start our calendrical history not at 2,000 years ago which pays homage to a single culture and religious belief, but on a time that unifies all of humanity and honors larger extent of human history, by starting our counting with the first stone structure ever created by humanity. This is also referred to as the Holocene Calendar or the Human Era Calendar. All we do is add 10,000 years to the year count and we are there. This would make our current year 12,018 HE. Go ahead and watch the video and give it a think: A New History for Humanity – The Human Era.

I really like this idea because and it honors all of humanity and all we have accomplished and it frees us from the cages of the Abrahamic religions. It has our universal calendar honor and respect all of humanity and not just the Abrahamic faiths which can help to restore some of our humanity and respect for each other. I think there will be long term psychological gains as well as gains in using it as a historical calendar for all of humanity and its accomplishments. I think I will add this to my Revised International Fixed Calendar idea.

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