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Writhing world and the darkness slakes
Companions of pain and doubt constant
Stabbing pains of twisted loves

Resolve that is firm, yet doubting my rhyme
Tears fall amidst the fear and loss
Ephemeral life and relative reality

Restless nights full of thoughts and premonitions
A life in tatters and yet is whole
The questions pose themselves unavailed in the night

The answers are there but they are not.
Maybe my pain speaks the answer
Maybe the voices speak true

Answers are mine and mine alone to choose
Darkness envelops and I must choose

Shall I regret the right
Shall I regret choosing

Am I right
Am I wrong

How do I know
How do I choose

In the darkness of the moment these are my solace
These are my companions
Solitary in the darkness I shall choose, and yet I am not alone

James O’Neill, September 13, 2006

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