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I like the answers that the book and evolutionary psychology bring to the table. In many ways I can see how their answers make a lot of sense, especially in light of the empirical evidence they provide. Evolutionary Psychology almost seems Freudian in nature, no – not the you want to sleep with you mother side, but everything is about sex side.

I think that they are are trying too hard to be the be-all-end-all definitively answer to all of life’s questions. I think that no specific field of scientific endeavor will ever be able to answer all of those questions. As living creatures we are too complex to be reduced to ‘it is all about sex and reproduction’ for each and every ‘question’ out there. I do believe that evolution is a large part of many answers, but I also think that there are many answers that will be sociological in nature and cannot be answered via evolution.

Just a few random thoughts brought on by this book. Thanks for reading. =)

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