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Amazing Covers of Famous Songs (Aug 2018) (Videos)1 min read

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Since I am on the topic of cover songs, here are a few more that I have loved enough to download and listen to in my normal music rotation. These are all people I found out about through Youtube and they all have channels where they do cover song videos there:

Noah Guthrie

Noah Guthrie’s covers which have a more bluesy feel to them:

Leo Moracchioli

Here are my favorite metal covers by Leo Moracchioli, a Norwegian with his own production studio, Frog Leap Studios. As I have gotten older my tastes have gotten heavier too, and these are a few of those heavier songs like:

Sam Tsui & Casey Breves

This one is powerful and moving, one of the few songs to move me emotionally. I found out later that they got married!

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